The Real Secrets to a Life of Happiness, Peace, Fulfillment—What and Why?

Let’s start with the first question—What are the Real Secrets to Life? That’s easy—listen, read, love, fight, believe, live, and pray. These seven simple words can unlock a life of happiness, peace, and fulfillment. Don’t believe me—or simply don’t want to believe me? Then don’t read any further. But let me tell you one last thing before you stop reading—doubt is Continue reading

Would you let Jesus into the church parking lot?

There’s a left-hand turn into our church parking lot off of a very busy street. I sat there today as about 40 cars passed by without one person slowing up or stopping to let me make the left turn. And that included someone turning into church who could not even stop before turning to let me make the turn. Much to my surprise that person was Continue reading