Doubling Down on Jesus and the Real Secrets to Life in 2013

We have this fascination of resolving to be different in the New Year ahead. We all look for the New Year to bring some new resolve to make our lives better on January 1st and beyond. I offer you my thoughts on doubling down on the Continue reading

A Blessed Christmas to All!!!

I wish you a very blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year. May you be reborn in Jesus this beautiful season as we remember his birth into the world. He came to save us by showing us a better way to live—by loving. All across the world may we live in love and witness what binds us, not divides.

May you find happiness, fulfillment, and peace in 2013.

LISTEN, READ, LOVE, FIGHT, BELIEVE, LIVE & PRAY. The Real Secrets to Life—my gift to you.

Thanks for reading! Peace.