God’s Splendor Overcomes Any Darkness

I can’t imagine living this life not believing in God. Whenever I have those moments of doubt, or turn my back ever so slightly on God, the world seems so dark and foreboding. When I am in concert with God—even with all my sins—his Continue reading “God’s Splendor Overcomes Any Darkness”

Are You a Leader? Great Quote…

“For while skills are essential, what sets apart the true leader is the heart. The aspirations. The dreams. The definition of success and the passion that drives him forward.”

Richard D. Phillips, The Heart of an Executive: Lessons on Leadership from the Life of King David

Leadership starts with each one of us. We all need to step up and lead in our lives. Jesus shows us the way.

Have a great, blessed day!

Do You Live the Word or Leave It on the Page?

In one of those WWJD moments, ask yourself if Jesus lived the Word or left it on the scripture page. Pretty easy answer because Jesus was the living Word of God. He lived what he preached. Now, ask yourself Continue reading “Do You Live the Word or Leave It on the Page?”

If You Don’t Listen for God You Will Never Hear Him!

If you don’t open your eyes and ears to God you will never find him, much less hear him. I know this sounds too “religious” and unreal to some. I was one of those “some” not many years ago. You hear what is blaring from your Continue reading “If You Don’t Listen for God You Will Never Hear Him!”

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