Take Him Off the Cross

This is a great time of year for each one of us to take Jesus off the cross. He can’t rise in our lives if we don’t bring him down, take out the nails, and unfree him to rise, just like Joseph of Arimathea did. What? More abstraction than reality? Think again. Continue reading

You or God?

Who comes first? Simple question. I do a lot of writing about God but I find myself asking who really does come first in my life. The answer should also be simple but it is tough if we are really honest with ourselves. The problem is the answer gets complicated just like we contemplate our lives. That’s because the answer is not simple. What??? Continue reading

Walk the Christmas Walk, Not the Talk!

For a lot of people, Christmas is the tree, presents, and maybe some good cheer. For a lot of Christians, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but in talk only. What Christmas should be is a time to live the birth of Jesus by “walking” Christmas, not just “talking” it. Continue reading

The Darkness Getting Darker Before the Light

When we hit dark periods in our life it often gets darker before we see any light. In this season think back to Mary and Joseph fleeing the country with a baby on the way and then finding no place to deliver except in a barn. It had to get really dark for them before the brightest star in the night shone its light on them and the infant Jesus. Continue reading