Is Your Light Shining?

I’ll answer the question for you—YES! We all have an inner, soulful light that mirrors God. The problem is that some of us don’t know it and others keep their lights well hidden so no one sees them. That’s why the world seems pretty dark at times. Don’t believe all this light “stuff” I am talking about? Well, here’s a test. Continue reading

Testing Your Faith Like Job

Matt and Kellie, high school friends and then sweethearts after college, were married over five years ago in a special ceremony in the Colorado wilds. When Evan came along three years ago they didn’t stop enjoying the beauty of Colorado, but simply hooked him up for their hikes. So, it was beyond a shock when Kellie, in her early thirties, had a massive heart attack and died with Jess at her side. When something like this happens it tends to rattle the foundations of our faith. How can God, with all the marital strife in the world, and Hollywood stars changing partners faster than you can keep track, let this happen? Both parents are in shock, Jess lost his soulmate, and Evan lost the mother he will never really know. I have to run to Job for answers. Continue reading

Can’t Find God?

I write a lot about keeping God at the center of your life. My 1st Secret to Life is LISTEN, both for God and to God about what he is calling you to do with your life. But there are a lot of doubters out there saying, “I can’t hear God!” “In fact, I don’t even feel God in my life.” So, here are some thoughts, and two key verses, that I hope will not only help you find God in your life but to hear him calling you. Continue reading

Be Still, And Know That I Am God!

If you are looking for peace in your life, “Be still, and know that I am God!” This is a very simple yet very powerful verse (Psalm 46:10). And the most important part of it is the “!” at the end that makes it such an emphatic statement — just stop your world, be still for a few minutes, and know God! You can’t help feel the peace in your life.

When we are looking for peace in our lives is typically the time when peace is so elusive. So, it’s a tough time to stop fretting, slow the motor of worry, and look for God within. But he’s always there. Continue reading

In Case You Need Some Empowerment Today…

To go along with my post yesterday:

Be strong and courageous: do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

God is with you WHEREVER you go, and whenever you go. You can do anything with God if you just try and don’t let doubt get in your way. Anything!

Have a great, empowered day!

No One Can Steal My Joy But They’re Trying Their Best Today!

It’s funny how this happens but I wrote a piece this morning about how only you can steal your joy. “They” can’t. Well, as often happens when I write these, I get put to the test. And that’s happening today! Family issues, a cancelled appointment that can’t be reschedule for a month, and a rock in the windshield all before lunch! No, I couldn’t even make this up if I tried.

But I won’t let the day’s events steal my joy. In fact, I’m laughing as I write this. And I’m repeating what I wrote over and over again earlier—shame on me if I let anyone or anything steal my joy. Only I can lose my joy—no one can take it.

Have a joy-filled rest of the day!

Super Bowl, Death, and God

I love sports, especially football, but I can’t help shake my head at the past two weeks. The Super Bowl hype has been unrelenting and oppressive. I told my wife that it would be fitting if the game was a blowout. It was. And a really boring game to watch unless you’re a Seahawks’ fan. It takes death and God to put some perspective on this super mess. Continue reading