Today Is Like No Other—Don’t Let It Pass You By!

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24)!!! I added the three exclamation points for emphasis because “this is the day that the Lord has made” and don’t let it pass you by without thanking him. We spend so much of our lives living in a combination of the past and the future that we forget about today. Regardless of your struggles today, today is a day like no other past or present. It is today and a God-made, unique, and special day. Give it and him some glory today. Continue reading

Did You Know It Was Jesus?

The two disciples were so engaged in conversation that they failed to recognize Jesus—exactly who they were talking about on their walk to Emmaus! It wasn’t until they slowed down to eat that they saw it was Jesus, and only then when he went through the act of breaking and blessing the bread. How many times did you walk with or by Jesus yesterday and not know it was him? Continue reading

GREAT Friday!!!

Am I saying that this Good Friday is a super, fantastic, great day? Well, yes, in a very special way. It commemorates one of the greatest days in human history when Jesus Christ gave up his life for each one of us. Not for humanity as a whole, but for each one of us individually. And then 3 days later, on THE defining day in human history, Jesus rose from the dead. Great? Great is an understatement! Continue reading

God’s Mulligan

In golf a “do over” is a mulligan. God’s mulligan is grace. You have it, over and over again. It doesn’t go away—ever! Translation to all of this—you have unlimited fresh starts with God. In fact, every second of every day is a fresh start with God. Continue reading

Passing Over into Easter

We’re all connected, sisters and brothers under God. At sundown today, Passover begins and leads into Easter next Sunday. The Jewish people commemorate fleeing from Egypt and, right before his death, Jesus did the same by celebrating the Passover meal with his disciples. The escape from the captivity of physical slavery and the escape from our sins with Jesus’ sacrifice of his life are both connected. As are we!    Continue reading