This is the Day…

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 114:24). I’m remembered once again on this beautiful summer day that a) the Lord has made it; b) it is totally different and unique; and c) it will be one day off our lives when it is over. So, enjoy today! No matter what you are doing enjoy today. I am rushing around like crazy to go on vacation, have tons of work to finish, and have to drive 3 hours to be deposed. Not fun! But I intend to enjoy today. It is truly special.

We all have good and bad days. As I related, my day today will not be fun. But God created it not for us to wish the day away. He wants us to bask in it. And Jesus “came that they [us] may have life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10). So, don’t let Jesus’ sacrifice go for naught. Enjoy today!

I’m off for a week but will likely post here and there.


Do Not Harden Your Heart

The more problems I have with friends and family lately the more this verse pops up:

Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion. Hebrews 3:8

It’s so easy to turn inward and only think of yourself as being right. The result is that you harden your heart. And when your heart gets hard it turns you into one hard and calloused person.  Continue reading

People Hurt. Get Over It!

People around you are always going to do something that hurts your feelings. And those people even include friends and family. We are all flawed humans who tend to look inward to our own interests. So, we end up hurting others and getting hurt. Get over it. And next time you get hurt by someone remember how it feels so you don’t hurt someone else. Continue reading

This Life is Too Short!

With this life way too short, how do you live it? Go for the gusto and don’t let anyone or anything in your way, knowing this is all there is? Or do you realize, that as short as this life is, there is another one that lasts forever? You can live life for today, or you can live life for today and tomorrow. How you live today determines where you end up tomorrow. Continue reading

What Can’t You Do?

Nothing!!! There is simply nothing you can’t do when you acknowledge God within you. God is less than a heartbeat away empowering you. Doubt, especially whispered by the devil, is what holds you back. Give in to that doubt and you are grounded for life. Overcome it and you soar to limitless possibilities. Continue reading

Pleasing You, Others, or God?

Who do you live for—you, others, or God? Do you live each day trying to please yourself, others, or God? The first two are a losing battle. The only way to live life is by living to please God. In doing so, you may not please everyone but you will sure please yourself and at least some others in the process. You will find greater happiness, fulfillment, and peace in your life. Sound too simple? That’s because it is! Continue reading

We Are All Free This Independence Day!

It doesn’t matter what country you live in, what “religion” you are, or any other artificial differences we humans use to pit one against the other. We are all free and equal, and independent, under the eyes of God. He sent His only Son to set us free from sin and make us one people. A people who Jesus commanded to love.

Something to think about this on the 4th of July. And here’s my post from last year that says it all—The MOST Important Independence Day!

Have a GREAT day—wherever you are. You’re free!