Jesus Is My Everything!

This is my new saying to meditate on, especially when life gets a bit rocky. What it means is that everything in life—how to LIVE it in general; how to think, how to interact with others, etc.—flows from Jesus. How he lived his life, what he said during it, and how he inspired others after he gave up this life is my guidepost on how to LIVE my life. Simply put—Jesus is my EVERYTHING! Continue reading


All your possessions get wiped out. Your children are killed. You are afflicted with the most hideous sores. Your friends not only offer no support but they blame you for everything that has happened to you. Can’t get any worse! So, what does Job do. He BELIEVEs! Continue reading

Get Over It: The Devil is Real. Now, Get On With Life!

I know that most people don’t want to talk about the devil. They would rather relegate Satan to horror movies. But he is very real and very active in the world. We just need to be aware of that and then get on with life. A life walking towards God; not the other direction to the devil. Continue reading