God Knows You Are Special. Do You?

You are one-of-a-kind. Even if you are an exact identical twin, you are totally unique. God threw away the mold when he made you; just like he does with every person he creates. You are not just special, novel, and unique—how many ways can I say you are different!—physically, but you have a purpose in life that is all yours. God knows you are special and designed you for a specific purpose. The question is—Do you know you are special and do you understand you purpose in life? Continue reading

You Plan; God Directs

The human mind plans the way, but the Lord directs the steps. Proverbs 16:9

The plan is ours—where we want to go and how we want to get there. We established our freedom of choice in the garden, starting with our freedom to make bad decisions. We are not puppets at the end of God’s strings. We are free to plan and choose. But God clearly directs our steps on the path we set, trying to direct us on the right path. The path to Him. Continue reading

Why People Rail Against Tim Tebow

Look, I don’t know whether Tim Tebow is an NFL quarterback. I do know that, regardless of his “throwing mechanics,” all Tim Tebow has done his entire life is win games as a quarterback. But people, especially the sports writers, love to rail against Tim Tebow. Not just because of his ability to play quarterback in the NFL but because he truly lives his Christianity. And that makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. Continue reading

Crooked or Straight Path to God?

There are basically two paths on the road of life to God. One is straight, smooth, and flat. The other is crooked, rutted, and hilly. To a degree, we are all on a path not perfectly straight, smooth, or flat. We all face challenges on the path, and even veer off on dead ends on occasion. That’s life. But we have a big hand in choosing the path we take, and how difficult we make life in the process.  Continue reading

Does God Love Himself or You?

A very good question to ask yourself and think about today. Is God all about Himself or all about you? If God is just into Himself you and I simply don’t exist. Why would God care anything about us measly creatures? Fortunately, God is all about us. He not only loves all of us, He loves each one of us individually, completely, and equally. He pours His love into us but he expects that love not to stay bottled up but to flow out of us to others—just like love flows out of God to us. The question is: Does God’s love flow from you to others?  Continue reading

Have 10 Minutes for God Today?

If we have 16 hours awake today—taking off 8 hours of sleep time—that’s 960 minutes. If we give God just 10 minutes today that’s only a measly 1% of our awake time. How much time do you think you should give God today? That’s a good question to ask today, and every day! Continue reading

Do You Recognize Jesus?

Easter’s over. We say that, “Jesus Is Risen!” But do we live Jesus is risen? Are we like the two disciples transfixed talking about Jesus so much that we can’t even recognize Jesus walking with us? Like most you probably say, “Of course, I would recognize Jesus if He were walking with me!” But do you know that Jesus will be walking with you today and I bet you don’t recognize Him at all! Continue reading

Do You Demand Service or Serve?

There are two paths in life: one is demanding service and the other is serving. It doesn’t matter whether in your work or personal life. You are either the type of person that demands service or who wants to serve. It’s a good week to think about this—and really be honest with yourself!—as we contemplate how Jesus lived his life. So, which path are you on? Continue reading