Why Can’t We Simply Get Along?

God gave us one, simply, easy command—LOVE! He sent His Son to show us how to LOVE. In a clear lesson on the ultimate in LOVE, Jesus gave His life for all of us. So, why do we have such a difficult time following God’s command to LOVE? Continue reading

God’s Always Home Waiting

We get lost on occasion. We stray from home. Sometimes we even leave home and squander everything we have been given. But God is always home, waiting for us to come back. In fact, he is less than a heartbeat away. We simply have to come back home to Him. Continue reading

Walking Faith

Talk is cheap. Living life based on what you can see is cheap. Walking faith is not easy and often “expensive.” You have to close your eyes and just walk. It takes faith.

As Paul says, “We walk by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7)

It’s easy to live life just by sight. You live for the world and grab all the gusto there is. You live just for yourself and no tomorrow. The problem is that living by sight ironically leads to a dead end in life. It’s shallow and unfulfilling. That’s why so many people are unhappy—they hit one dead end after another.

Living by faith—what you can’t see but believe—is not easy. It’s tough. It takes leaps of faith and shutting out what you can see. However, it’s amazingly fulfilling when you do it for some time. And it leads to greater peace and joy in life. That’s because you realize there is something better and beyond this world. There’s a future of possibilities—not just dead ends.

Try walking faith. Get back to what Jesus said about how to live life and how Paul and others interrupted what Jesus said. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act (Psalm 37:5). But you have to commit—not half way but all the way! Have faith. Leap!

Have a great day walking faith!

No Bad Days With God!

We all have good days and bad days. Our emotions ebb and flow. However, if you stay close to God, or move back to Him when you may have strayed, there are simply no bad days. If you let God really shine in your life any clouds in your life will part. Don’t believe me? Simply try this. Continue reading

Don’t Let Anything Hold You Back in Life. NOTHING!!!

There is nothing—and I mean NOTHING!!!—that should hold you back in life. You have the ability to go farther, do more in life than you ever thought possible. There is a greater you in you than you ever can imagine. You just need to believe and overcome the doubt. And you do that by getting even closer to God. Continue reading