Not Just Another Day. It’s the Lord’s Day!

It doesn’t matter what today holds for you—good news or bad, work or vacation. There is one incontestable, immutable fact—today is one of a kind. Other days to come may look like a repeat of today but when today is gone it is gone. So, get the most out of today. And remember that this day, like every day, was created by the Lord. So, treat it as such and find something to rejoice in it.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

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You’ve Got a Friend

A few weeks ago I went to a James Taylor concert. I can tell you he still has it at age 67. He sang songs from his new album but belted out all the old ones like “You’ve Got a Friend.” As he was singing that one it made me think that we always have a friend a heartbeat away that we can call on anytime, anywhere. That friend is God. Continue reading

Bible Verse to Live Life By

It’s impossible to single out one Bible verse or passage to live life by because there are so many. However, for me Psalm 23 says it all. The Lord takes care of everything. No matter how bad things get He is always there. Even in the face of my “enemies” the Lord provides. Goodness and mercy are always there leading to a clear path to eternity. I not only have Psalm 23 committed to memory but I try to make it a part of my being. It’s a great tonic when times get tough! Continue reading

Your Guardian Angel

We don’t really like to talk about angels and devils. We’re OK watching movies with angels and devils but thinking about them as real usually makes people feel awkward. Well, I’m here to say they are both very real. And I’ll start with angels by telling you that you have a guardian angel. We all have one. Continue reading

Charleston Christians: True Grace Under Fire

No one is perfect, but if you want to look into the eyes of true Christians start with the victims, families, and friends of the “Charleston Nine” from the Emanuel AME Church. The victims are said to have forgiven their killer before he shot them. The families have extended that forgiveness. They have taken God’s command to LOVE to heart. They are true profiles in courage. They are true grace under fire. Continue reading

Away; But Not From God

I spent last week trying—somewhat unsuccessfully!—to get away from work during my “staycation.” I simply had to try to catch my breath, take care of a few personal issues, and get away from the rat race for a few days. But unlike times past when I tried to drop out from everything, including God, this time I tried to move even closer to God.  Continue reading