Be Strong & Bold!

Just one quick but good thought for the day…

Be strong and bold… because it is the Lord your God who goes with you; he will not fail or forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

These were among Moses parting words to the Israelites when he told them that they would be crossing over into new land—the Promised Land.

A new anything—job, move, etc.—can seem daunting. But be strong and bold moving forward. God goes with you if you keep Him with you.

Your Promised Land waits!

On God, Moving Mountains, and Doubt

Let me make this very clear—You can move mountains in your life! God made you, is in you, and has built power in you that few realize or understand. You can do anything. The only thing holding you back is you—and doubt. My bet is that right now doubt is in your mind saying, “This is nonsense.” Continue reading

The Little Red Devil in Your Ear

There is a devil whispering in your ear, including mine—including us all. The problem is that devil is real, not little, and not like some cute child dressed up for Halloween. If we listen to the devil we will hear him. If we give in to his temptation we will slide way off the straight path of life and end up in a dead end—or worse. That’s why we have to FIGHT the devil every day. And as I have written many times, the way we FIGHT is to Continue reading

It’s Tough to Love as God Commands!!!

God gives us one simple, basic command in life—LOVE. I said it was simple, not always easy. I’m going through a personal situation now where loving is the last thing I feel like doing. I know that God wants me to love the person but I can barely look her in the face, it’s that bad. But God doesn’t give any passes. He asks us to LOVE others just as he LOVES us. No matter what we do, God still LOVES us. So, when someone hurts us, God simply expects us to LOVE. Continue reading