Rise with Jesus!!!

Time to rise, just like Jesus did over 2,000 years ago. What I mean in a very practical sense is to leave any of your old self behind that you don’t like. Then, move forward with your best self. Make a commitment that your “new” self will indeed be your “best” self.

Sure, we all take steps back at times as we move forward on the path of life. Just make sure the steps forward outnumber the steps backwards.

Now is a great time to look at your life, assess, and move forward with a better self. It’s time to rise—just like Jesus did.

Have a wonderful Easter season! 

You and I Hung Jesus on the Cross

Make no mistake about it—You and I absolutely hung Jesus on the cross. We were there pounding in the nails and hoisting that cross up to leave Jesus hanging to die. Sounds like crazy talk and some religious mumbo-jumbo? It isn’t. We were there along with every other person dead, alive, and to come.

On this Good Friday, it’s at least one day we should remember that Jesus died for everyone—and to take our sins and wipe them away. So, unless you have never sinned, you were part of that crucifixion. As was I.

Something to think about today. Worth pondering the sacrifice Jesus made for us, what it is all about, and why He made it. Then, simply say “thanks!”

Finding Our Lost God

Look at the world: God is Lost. Meaning, we have lost God. God never loses us. We lose God. Look at Brussels today, Paris yesterday, the world in general. We have lost God. Worse yet, we have shut God out of our lives. And as we shut the door more on God we shut out the light in the world. The result is that world is getting darker. Not my speculation. Look around you. Fact. Continue reading

Don’t Think Prayer Works? You’re Not Praying.

Prayer works. It’s that simple. There is no magic to prayer. It’s just a conversation with God. He’s always there, listening and waiting to talk. You just have to be there, talking and listening. If you don’t think prayer works, you are just not giving it a chance. Period. Continue reading

Jesus says, “RELAX!” He’s Got This.

It can’t be any clearer—“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10). Those are Jesus words to us. So simple but so meaningful. He’s telling us to relax; He’s got this. Why we get so down, wander around looking for answers, and complicate life is beyond me.  Continue reading