Advent Starts in the Heart

The Advent season of preparing for Jesus’ birth is a time for reflection on our lives and our own rebirth in Christ. Use each day leading up to Christmas day as time to look back only with a mind of looking ahead, growing, and positively moving forward. It’s a time to recommit to Jesus and focus your life in starting the New Year off on the right foot. It’s a time to strengthen your connection with God and reconnect with Him if you strayed. It’s simply a time to renew, starting in your heart.

There are a lot of distractions this time of year—eating too much at Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the list goes on. The important thing is to work through the distractions in remembering what this time is about. There’s a reason why there is a “Christ” in CHRISTmas. It should be a season of remembering, giving, and rebirth.

I’m not suggesting detaching from the world. Quite the opposite. I’m talking about being a shining example of what this time of year should really be about.

Use this Advent season wisely. Start today. And have a GREAT one!  

Victim or Victor?

Which one are you? There are people who go through life constantly playing the “victim” card. Someone else is always to blame for their plight in life. There are others who see themselves as the “victor” over someone else. And I think there are a large group who can’t answer the “victim” or “victor” question. What’s wrong with this picture is that everyone—and I mean EVERYONE!!!—should confidently answer “victor” but just not in the way you may be thinking. Continue reading