Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

I’m constantly stuck in time. I tend to dwell on what happened yesterday, fixated on what I need to do today, and constantly worried about planning tomorrow. That’s why I need to depend on God for help because He is all time wrapped up in one. He is yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He is above and beyond time. He lives in the moment of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So, the closer I get to God the more I can just live in the moment.

Let me explain.

God is infinite and has no bounds. So, he knows no time. He is yesterday, today, and tomorrow all in one. I know that’s hard to understand because we are so fixated on and bound by time. But the closer we can get to God the more we can let go of yesterday, not worry about today, or planning tomorrow. We can be free of time.

My view of heaven is there is no time. We are constantly living in the moment with no worries. That’s why while on this earth we can free ourselves of getting bogged down in time if we get close to God. And God is only less than a heartbeat away.

Look, we are now planning a wedding (our daughter’s) so there is a lot of focus on tomorrow in 2023. But there is one thing to work on something that will happen in the future versus worrying over it. I’m just say that to the extent you bring God into your life the more that the concerns of time are minimized. Yesterday, today, or tomorrow.

Have a GREAT week ahead and let go of time!

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