God or Money? You Choose.

This says it all:

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. Matthew 6:24

The choice is all yours. This doesn’t mean you have to be poor if you pick God. It simply means that in life you choose who to follow: God or wealth. Your choice? Continue reading “God or Money? You Choose.”

God Knows You Are Special. Do You?

You are one-of-a-kind. Even if you are an exact identical twin, you are totally unique. God threw away the mold when he made you; just like he does with every person he creates. You are not just special, novel, and unique—how many ways can I say you are different!—physically, but you have a purpose in life that is all yours. God knows you are special and designed you for a specific purpose. The question is—Do you know you are special and do you understand you purpose in life? Continue reading “God Knows You Are Special. Do You?”

Why People Rail Against Tim Tebow

Look, I don’t know whether Tim Tebow is an NFL quarterback. I do know that, regardless of his “throwing mechanics,” all Tim Tebow has done his entire life is win games as a quarterback. But people, especially the sports writers, love to rail against Tim Tebow. Not just because of his ability to play quarterback in the NFL but because he truly lives his Christianity. And that makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. Continue reading “Why People Rail Against Tim Tebow”

Does God Love Himself or You?

A very good question to ask yourself and think about today. Is God all about Himself or all about you? If God is just into Himself you and I simply don’t exist. Why would God care anything about us measly creatures? Fortunately, God is all about us. He not only loves all of us, He loves each one of us individually, completely, and equally. He pours His love into us but he expects that love not to stay bottled up but to flow out of us to others—just like love flows out of God to us. The question is: Does God’s love flow from you to others?  Continue reading “Does God Love Himself or You?”

Do You Recognize Jesus?

Easter’s over. We say that, “Jesus Is Risen!” But do we live Jesus is risen? Are we like the two disciples transfixed talking about Jesus so much that we can’t even recognize Jesus walking with us? Like most you probably say, “Of course, I would recognize Jesus if He were walking with me!” But do you know that Jesus will be walking with you today and I bet you don’t recognize Him at all! Continue reading “Do You Recognize Jesus?”

You’re Nailed to That Cross!

You may think that Jesus was the only person nailed to the cross but you are right there with him. That is, your sins are nailed there as well. And they are your sins so you are nailed as well. The trick is how you get down. Continue reading “You’re Nailed to That Cross!”

Only One Light Can Break Up the Cloud Hanging Over Your Head

I have a cloud hanging over my head. Can’t really explain why but I think it’s a mixture of too much work to do, too much Christmas anxiety, and a few other “things” mixed in. My mind won’t stop and the more it motors the cloud seems to get denser and darker. I know there is only one light that can break up the cloud and that light is Jesus. So, that’s the direction I’m looking for help. Continue reading “Only One Light Can Break Up the Cloud Hanging Over Your Head”

Make Every Day a Thanksgiving Day!

Every day should be a day of thanks giving! Regardless of your circumstances, we all share a common bond of needing to give thanks. Jesus Christ walked among us to show us the way to eternity with God. He saved each one of us personally by cleaning the slate on our sins—past, present, and future. Every day when we fall or jump out of bed we should be on our knees giving thanks to God! Continue reading “Make Every Day a Thanksgiving Day!”

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