Crooked or Straight Path to God?

There are basically two paths on the road of life to God. One is straight, smooth, and flat. The other is crooked, rutted, and hilly. To a degree, we are all on a path not perfectly straight, smooth, or flat. We all face challenges on the path, and even veer off on dead ends on occasion. That’s life. But we have a big hand in choosing the path we take, and how difficult we make life in the process.  Continue reading “Crooked or Straight Path to God?”

Does God Love Himself or You?

A very good question to ask yourself and think about today. Is God all about Himself or all about you? If God is just into Himself you and I simply don’t exist. Why would God care anything about us measly creatures? Fortunately, God is all about us. He not only loves all of us, He loves each one of us individually, completely, and equally. He pours His love into us but he expects that love not to stay bottled up but to flow out of us to others—just like love flows out of God to us. The question is: Does God’s love flow from you to others?  Continue reading “Does God Love Himself or You?”

There is Real Power in Prayer

If you don’t think prayer works, think again. Or take the time to really close off the world and pray. If you really try, by taking the time to open up your heart as well as your mind, you will find that prayer works. There are some things that prayer is and isn’t. You need to know those before you try, or simply dismiss prayer as not working. Continue reading “There is Real Power in Prayer”

Whatever You Have, It’s From God!

I’ve worked hard my entire life. I wasn’t handed any inheritance. What I have I have earned. But everything I have is from God. I came into this world in a naked body. When I leave, this body will be left behind six feet under. Everything I have earned has been earned but it all came from the grace of God. Continue reading “Whatever You Have, It’s From God!”

GREAT Friday!!!

Am I saying that this Good Friday is a super, fantastic, great day? Well, yes, in a very special way. It commemorates one of the greatest days in human history when Jesus Christ gave up his life for each one of us. Not for humanity as a whole, but for each one of us individually. And then 3 days later, on THE defining day in human history, Jesus rose from the dead. Great? Great is an understatement! Continue reading “GREAT Friday!!!”

Break Out of Your Desert This Lent!

It doesn’t matter if you observe Lent. It’s just a great time to put yourself in Jesus’ shoes and contemplate life, with all it’s temptations. Jesus was led into the desert by the Spirit, spent 40 days dealing with the devil, got his head together, then broke out to fulfill his special, unique purpose in life. He had to go through that process. We do too in our own deserts. Continue reading “Break Out of Your Desert This Lent!”

Can You REALLY Feel God’s Love?

Be honest! If you reach inward, can you really feel God’s love for you? In case you don’t know it, God loves you. Yes, you! He loves you as much as he loves me and every other person on this earth. Equally and unconditionally. But if you can’t feel the love that’s because you are not releasing God’s love to others. Continue reading “Can You REALLY Feel God’s Love?”

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