The Secret to Life?

The secret to life is simple—God. If your life is uncomplicated and simply is centered on God, everything is so easy. The problem is that we complicate our lives so very much that simplicity drowns in the complexity—and God becomes an afterthought, at best. Nothing is easy.

That describes my life—drowning in complexity—until I found what I call the Real Secrets to Life. What the Real Secrets to Life help me do is focus my life back on God, and to put him right at the center of it. Trust me—I’m not living on some idealistic cloud. I have my bad days and bumps in the road just like everyone else. However, I have found seven simple words that help me clear away the life clutter when things get tough. And at the very center of those Real Secrets to Life is God. So the secrets help me get back to God.

The Real Secrets to Life are simple—that’s the whole point. Listen, read, love, fight, believe, live, and pray. What can be simpler?

LISTEN because God is calling to you—yes, you! READ the Bible because it has life answers. LOVE because God is love and commands us to live in love. FIGHT because the devil is all too real and whispering doubt and other temptations in your ear. BELIEVE that you can do anything. LIVE knowing this life is just the opening act to eternity, And PRAY simply because it works—God is listening.

Our problem is as we age we accumulate so much excess baggage in our lives. Not just a lot of things but also mental clutter. Add some of the devil’s doubt whispered in our ears and everything gets out of focus. The path to God gets obscured and even blocked.

So, unclutter. The Real Secrets to Life help me keep my life centered and simple. And when times get tough, as they do on occasion, they help me get my focus on what should be the center of my life—God.

I hope the Real Secrets to Life help you. That’s why I write this blog and try to tweet thoughts during the week. If one other person gets something out of this then I have accomplished something. At the very least, the someone getting something out of my thoughts is me.

Have a great day and an even better week!