Living Like a Shamrock Today and Everyday

Everyone knows the green and the beer—and the green beer—that has come to symbolize March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. But don’t let the day go by without focusing on the real story behind the day. There is a St. Patrick’s Day because of a man who took it upon himself to bring God—Father, Son, and Spirit—to a lost people. He used a little shamrock, the simple three-leaf clover that grew everywhere, to convey the often-complex notion of God being three-in-one—Father, Son, and Spirit. It’s a life lesson for all of us, not just today but everyday!

True Christians live like a shamrock every day. They live according to the Father’s one command to love God by loving each other. They actually live in love by following their role model, Jesus Christ, by not just pontificating about God but by living God.  And they let the Spirit guide their daily lives as they face a world of temptations. They embody Father, Son, and Spirit and live like the shamrock. All can see the three manifestations of God within them.

We are all imperfect children of God, just like Patrick roaming Ireland and persevering in spreading the Good News. We can do the same simply by living our faith for all to see. If we live like shamrocks and manifest Father, Son, and Spirit by our actions we too can help spread God to a lost people.

Éirinn go Brách!