All your possessions get wiped out. Your children are killed. You are afflicted with the most hideous sores. Your friends not only offer no support but they blame you for everything that has happened to you. Can’t get any worse! So, what does Job do. He BELIEVEs!

Sure, Job complained to God and wished he was never born. Come on—would you do any less? But Job ignored his wife and his friends and simply stood firm with himself—he was a faithful, blameless, honorable person—and God.

Whether the story of Job is real or the work of a biblical writer is academic. Job gives us a good sounding board on someone who can’t catch a break but stays steady with God.

We all face personal and family problems. We are tested just like Job; although it’s tough to imagine anything worse than what happened to Job. As with Job, the devil loves to use our problems/afflictions to put a wedge between us and God.

I have found that a key Secret to Life is BELIEVE. You can do anything, including fighting through any problem. Simply, BELIEVE that God made you, is part of your very fabric, and is always there for you. No matter how bad this life can get you also need to understand that it is a mere blip in your eternal life. How you LIVE is another Secret to Life, which I will dwell on next week.