You’ve Got a Friend

A few weeks ago I went to a James Taylor concert. I can tell you he still has it at age 67. He sang songs from his new album but belted out all the old ones like “You’ve Got a Friend.” As he was singing that one it made me think that we always have a friend a heartbeat away that we can call on anytime, anywhere. That friend is God.

This isn’t another mystical, holy roller post from me. And God isn’t some etherial character. He is Father who created us. He is Son who saved us. And He is Spirit who empowers us. Friends can disappoint. Even loved ones can disappoint. And friends and family eventually leave us when they exit this life. But God is always there. He is less than a heartbeat away. You just have to call out his name and he will come running.

Ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend?

Enjoy today with that knowledge!