Golf & Faith: Need to Swing Through!

A week off really helped to clear my head. It may not sound so comparing golf and faith, but I see the comparison between the two clearer than ever.

If you really want to hit a golf ball pure and long, you have to swing through the ball, completing your swing. Stop short of accelerating your swing and not completing it and you are not maximizing how far the ball goes.

The same is true with faith. You have to “swing through” on faith not stopping short but going all the way. For example, Jesus lived and died to deliver His very simple message to love everyone. His command to love is the same command that God the Father gave us but we ignored. It took Jesus to live and die a bloody death to bring the “love” message to life.

Well, you can’t kind of love or sort of love. You have to love completely. Totally and completely. You have to swing through on love. If not, you are not maximizing your faith. You are not a total follower of Jesus. Not a total Christian.

I can go on and on about this but will stop here. Want to succeed at golf and faith? Then simply swing though all the way!

Have a GREAT day! And swing through!!!