Jesus Didn’t Teach Us To Be Civil

Jesus did not teach us civility to one another. He taught us to love one another. A love that goes way beyond civility. A love that puts the other person first and us second. And Jesus wasn’t just a good pontificator as many so-called “Christians” are today—He walked the talk of love. After all, Jesus sacrificed His life for you and me.

Look around you today. Not much civility. And certainly no, if any, love. That’s where you and I come in. We need to spread some love and hope that it’s catching. Because the world desperately needs some love.

Do your part today and I’ll do mine. Smile, help someone in need, pay something forward, lend a helping hand. Spreading love isn’t hard if you just take yourself out of the equation. Jesus taught us how to do it. We just have to listen—and do it.

Walk the talk today. LOVE!!! 

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