Greed and Ego

If you look at any problems, from minor to major, at their root are greed and ego. We have made life out to be about the collection of “things”—money, shoes, cars, houses, etc, etc. Having one of something is not enough. And ego—me over you—is always the focus. Greed feeds ego. If I have more, I am better.

Whether it’s high politics of just our everyday lives, greed and ego factor into the root of all differences and disputes. We can’t put ourselves—our egos—on the back burner. Our egos need to be front and center. “I” am more important that “you.” “MY (and the all upper caps is intentional) wants come before “your”(and the all lower caps is just as intentional) needs.

Jesus tells us to live a life that is anything but greed and ego. Of all the teachings Jesus has given us, I think some of the best is summed up in Luke 6:27-42. If you are looking for a roadmap on how to live you life, it’s all right there. It’s the exact opposite of greed and ego. The verses are well worth reading and meditating on every day of your life. They are not always easy to live day in, day out. But they are pure Jesus. Pure Christian.

Have a great week!!!

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