Taking a Vacation with God

I need a vacation. No, I really, really need a vacation! However, that leads to the vacation dilemma of, “Do I seriously get away, with no emails, tweets, or anything?” Then, when I get back I pay for it just trying to catch up. Vacation becomes a distant memory fast. On the other and, if I try to stay in touch with work I never get away. So, I usually fret about vacation, even though I need one. Is it worth it?

We all need to get away—really away. Charging our internal batteries and clearing the cobwebs upstairs is critical. And I think it’s as just important to take a vacation with God. What I mean by that is spending some quality time with God looking at your life. It doesn’t have to be any heavy lifetime decision making unless you are at that point in your life. It simply means taking stock, checking in with God, and clearing out any unused “stuff” in your life.

Rather than fret about my vacation—getting really away or keeping up a bit—I’m not fretting over a vacation with God. I’m simply looking to get away now and again with God to think about my life. In fact, I’m going to take some mini-vacations with God to clear any cobwebs in my soulful self. I have a feeing that my vacations with God may provide a lot more lasting stress release than my physical vacations.

BTW, for the record, when I get away on vacation, I intend to really get away. My wife has a big say in that and God will help me deal with the aftermath of coming back.

Enjoy your vacation!