God is Not Religious

This is pretty simple. God is God. He is not “religious.” We are the ones who tag God as “religious.” Then, we do everything to separate “religion” from everyday life. Translation: We want to separate God from everyday life. The problem with that is God is life.

We need to stop all the tags we associate with God—”religion,” “spiritual,” “holy,” etc. God is simply God. God created life and gives us life. To repeat, God is life.

This doesn’t mean we walk around religious, spiritual, and holy. It simply means we listen to God on how to live our lives. And, I’ll repeat once again, God gives us one very simple command on how to live life: LOVE!

How can life be any simpler. LOVE!

God, life, love. Have a wonderful day living!

Jesus’ Last Moments: Lifetime of Emotions

There is a lifetime of emotions in Jesus’ last 24 hours or so on this earth. He agonized in the garden about bearing the weight of the world. He felt intense physical pain as he was beaten. He was mocked and humiliated. He needed help carrying His cross. And he died. Torment, pain, humiliation, helplessness, and death. We may not feel all these emotions in our lives but I bet that most of us do at some time or another. Certainly, it’s a 100% lock that we will all eventually face death. What Jesus gives us is that hope that we can fight through emotions because he took them all on His shoulders to death. Continue reading

Simple Life, Simple Secrets

Life should be so very simple. God means life to be simple. We are the ones who complicate it. Our lives start out as a clean closet that we keep piling junk into daily. Before long that empty closet is stuffed with junk and overflowing.

I have found 7 very simple secrets to a simple life: Continue reading

Finding Our Lost God

Look at the world: God is Lost. Meaning, we have lost God. God never loses us. We lose God. Look at Brussels today, Paris yesterday, the world in general. We have lost God. Worse yet, we have shut God out of our lives. And as we shut the door more on God we shut out the light in the world. The result is that world is getting darker. Not my speculation. Look around you. Fact. Continue reading

Forget God! Let’s Go It Alone!!!

That’s exactly what we are doing on this planet, starting with this country. We are going it alone without God. Who needs God anyway? All we need is more money, more guns, more heroin, more, more, and more. Another shooting yesterday, more juvenile, hateful behavior from self-professed Christians vying for the most powerful position on the planet, and a general movement away from God. No wonder the world is so screwed up! Continue reading

Our Dragons in Life

Read this and thought it was an interesting quote to ponder for the day…

Our dragons are our fears: our daily stalkers, our night sweats. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failing. Fear of starting something new and not finishing. Again. Or the real fear, the one that send shivers up our spines: the fear of succeeding and facing the changes that will bring. We may not be happy with the way we are living now, but at least it’s safely familiar.
Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

Have a great day and ever better weekend!!!