LOVE is Our Bridge to God

Life is this very simple; no matter how we complicate it. Want to get closer to God? Simple—LOVE! God is love (1 John 4:16) so if you want to get closer to him you have to be love. Its a bridge to God. The more you LOVE the farther you will move across the bridge. On one side of the bridge are all the complications of life on earth. On the other side is God. The more you LOVE the father you get away from the complications.

I know, I know. This sounds like some la-de-da idyllic view of life. But it’s not. Everything we know about God is that he is love. He showers love on us equally and unconditionally. But the one command He gives us is to LOVE. He expects His love to flow through us to others. Not select others. All others.

The bridge to God is letting His love flow through us to others. If you have any aspect of your life that is not right or simply needs improving I guarantee it will get better if you simple LOVE. Sounds simple? It is. God means life to be so very simple but we are the masters of the universe at complicating it. Just look at our world. That’s because there are few bridges to God.

Build a bridge today!