Martha, Martha…

Picture you have invited Jesus into your home. Are you Martha who was focused on getting the meal ready and associated chores or are you sister Mary who sat at Jesus’ feet and listened? Step back for a minute and really think about this because it has so much to say about your life—and how you are living it. It’s a virtual mirror on life! Continue reading

Why Do I Write About the Real Secrets to Life?

Simply because they work! I have found 7 simple Secrets to Life that by following them lead to a happier, joyful life that is more peaceful and more fulfilling. We are all searching for answers in life and I have found some simple ones. That doesn’t mean that I am perfect or my life is totally blissful every second of every day. All it means is that I have found some simple ways to live that help keep me on a straight path or back on the straight path when I take a wrong turn on occasion. Continue reading

God Says, LOVE!” We Throw It Back In His Face!

Life can get so difficult, especially as we get older. But God means life to be so very, very—and I mean VERY—simple. He commands us to do one very, very simple thing: LOVE. And all we do is ignore God and throw it back in his face by totally ignoring that command to LOVE. Look at the world around us. Defined by LOVE? Clearly not. Look at your own life. Defined by LOVE? If like mine, I bet not. Continue reading

Only One Light Can Break Up the Cloud Hanging Over Your Head

I have a cloud hanging over my head. Can’t really explain why but I think it’s a mixture of too much work to do, too much Christmas anxiety, and a few other “things” mixed in. My mind won’t stop and the more it motors the cloud seems to get denser and darker. I know there is only one light that can break up the cloud and that light is Jesus. So, that’s the direction I’m looking for help. Continue reading

“Someone” Hurt Your Feelings? Talk to Jesus!

Imagine trying to help someone and that person spits on you, hurls rocks at you, and tries to throw you off a cliff, never mind calls you names. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Jesus. He came to save each one of us individually and we nailed him to a cross. That’s not just game for hurt feelings; that’s simply a whole lot of hurt. So, the next time someone “hurts” your feelings, talk to Jesus. And, yes, I mean literally talk to Jesus. Continue reading

VOTE!!! It’s a Gift from God.

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Romans 13:1

In the United States, all those who have gone before us worked hard and gave their lives to keep our country free and safe. That includes the gift, and responsibility, of voting. You may not like the way this country is being run, but not voting is not a solution.

Get off the couch and do what so many in the world only wish they could do—VOTE!!!

Do You Have a Secret to Life?

I hope you have because I think we all need at least one secret to life. I have found 7 Real Secrets to Life: LISTEN, READ, LOVE, FIGHT, BELIEVE, LIVE & PRAY. They all center on God and help me keep centered on God. They are very simple because God means life to be so very simple. The problem is that we can’t help but complicate life. I struggled with life for so many years until I found these 7 simple Secrets to Life. I still struggle on occasion because life has its unexpected twists and turns. However, these 7 Secrets to Life help keep me focused on the straight, simpler path of life. If you don’t have at least one secret to life, I hope these will help. Continue reading

The Devil Tries to Throw You Off Your Path

You have a path to God. It’s that road less traveled that, regardless of what life presents, leads to God. The devil tries his best to throw you off that path. He whispers in your ear anything that will make you doubt your direction in life. He’s great at telling you to turn right or left when the path leads straight ahead. His reason for being is to keep you from God. That’s because he knows that only with God will you be truly happy. Your unhappiness is his goal. Continue reading