What is Faith?

Belief. Trust. Knowing. It’s putting aside everything you judge by seeing, feeling, hearing, and smelling. It’s falling backwards without hesitation, confident that God will catch you. It’s going all in with God.

Faith isn’t easy at times; especially when things are not going well in our lives. Faith involves closing your eyes and taking a leap. No, it’s not easy. But that is what faith is all about.

We put too much trust in ourselves, and sometimes others. Faith involves placing that trust in God. The hard part is when we trust God to do what we want to happen, only to get disappointed. Because God doesn’t do everything we want; he does what’s best for us. That comes back to putting our faith in God, not ourselves.

We all falter in faith. I lead the pack in tripping up on occasions. But when I get back up and just let go and let God take over—having faith!—things always get better. Life gets clearer. The road stops twisting, turning, and going uphill.

How do you have faith and grow in it? You just let God do the driving. That doesn’t mean you hand the wheel over, sit back, and go along for the ride. It means being one with God. You’re both steering but you’re trusting God’s direction. It’s listening to God and trusting completely.

Let go, let God! The best advice I can give myself and you today.

Author: reallifesecrets

There are 7 Secrets to Life — LIVE, READ, LOVE, FIGHT, BELIEVE, LIVE & PRAY. Live you life by them and you will find lasting happiness, peace, and fulfillment. Life was meant to be so simple. We are the ones who complicate it. God wants us to enjoy life to the fullest!