2016: No Time for God!

The New Year has started with a bang for me. Vacation time followed by a hectic business schedule. Trying to tread water and juggle everything. But in the process I realized that I left God behind. There has simply been no time for Him!

I know, I know—what am I writing? Me who tries to live by the Real Secrets to Life, which are centered on God, and reflects on them and more on this site and Twitter. And I realize that I have started off the year with God taking a decided backseat in my life. In reality God is not even in the car. I left Him back in 2015.

My resolution for 2016 was to decide if it was “me” or God front and center in my life. I resolved that it was going to be God but, in reality, it is me. So, time for a course correction!

I simply don’t want to be too busy for God. When I leave Him behind, or push Him out of my life, my life is off. As it is now. Nothing feels right.

I don’t know if this confession helps you but it is starting to help me. I have pulled God back into my life and resolve/intend to keep Him there through 2016.

I feel better already. Just have to keep my actions in line with the words!

Thanks for reading!