Would You Walk Past This Homeless Child?

Watch this video and be honest with yourself—Would you walk past this homeless child? So many people did until just one person stopped. And look who stopped. Sobering.

Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of those who are members of my family, you did it to me. Matthew 25:40

Who will you pass by today—or stop and help?

Give to everyone who begs from you. Luke 6:30

Time to Die

You read it right—it’s time to die. Not in the way you are thinking but dying to Jesus. He died for us. We need to die to him. What does this mumbo-jumbo mean in a practical sense? It simply means if you are going to be a true Christian—in action, not just title—you need to leave “you” behind and start focusing on others. That’s what Jesus did and if you are going to really be a follower you need to follow Jesus’ lead. It’s that simple. Continue reading “Time to Die”

Martha, Martha…

Picture you have invited Jesus into your home. Are you Martha who was focused on getting the meal ready and associated chores or are you sister Mary who sat at Jesus’ feet and listened? Step back for a minute and really think about this because it has so much to say about your life—and how you are living it. It’s a virtual mirror on life! Continue reading “Martha, Martha…”

Jesus Is My Everything!

This is my new saying to meditate on, especially when life gets a bit rocky. What it means is that everything in life—how to LIVE it in general; how to think, how to interact with others, etc.—flows from Jesus. How he lived his life, what he said during it, and how he inspired others after he gave up this life is my guidepost on how to LIVE my life. Simply put—Jesus is my EVERYTHING! Continue reading “Jesus Is My Everything!”

“Someone” Hurt Your Feelings? Talk to Jesus!

Imagine trying to help someone and that person spits on you, hurls rocks at you, and tries to throw you off a cliff, never mind calls you names. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Jesus. He came to save each one of us individually and we nailed him to a cross. That’s not just game for hurt feelings; that’s simply a whole lot of hurt. So, the next time someone “hurts” your feelings, talk to Jesus. And, yes, I mean literally talk to Jesus. Continue reading ““Someone” Hurt Your Feelings? Talk to Jesus!”

What’s Love? Christ Dying For You!

God demonstrated his unconditional love for us in the most extreme way possible—God gave us his only Son. Jesus’ life showed us how to live our lives. His death liberated us from our sins.

God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

When you get mad at someone today, or simply are gruff and don’t smile, think about God’s one simple command to us: LOVE! And think about how God backed that talk with action. Jesus is the proof. Before he left us he passed on that command.

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12

Very simple but key thoughts for today and everyday.

LOVE! It’s a Real Secret to Life!

What is Jesus Saying Today?

He is most likely speechless and saying nothing. Just shaking his head in disbelief. Ray Rise, Adrian Peterson, and the violence mess in the NFL. ISIS/ISIL, whatever you want to call it, and public beheadings simply to get attention. Rampant rapes in India, with women treated like dirt. The Catholic Church and the endless pedophile mess. It goes on and on, all over the world. Forget WWJD (What Would Jesus Do). It’s all about WWJND (What Would Jesus Not Do). Because WWJND is the way this world is spinning. Continue reading “What is Jesus Saying Today?”

Are You Taking the Nails Out of the Cross or Hammering Them Back In?

You and I put Jesus on the cross. We had a hand in each nail strike. That’s because Jesus hung on that bloody cross to save us. Every day we are either taking the nails out to get Jesus off our personal cross or hammering them back in. This week I did some hammering as I let the noise of the world overwhelm me. Continue reading “Are You Taking the Nails Out of the Cross or Hammering Them Back In?”

Did You Know It Was Jesus?

The two disciples were so engaged in conversation that they failed to recognize Jesus—exactly who they were talking about on their walk to Emmaus! It wasn’t until they slowed down to eat that they saw it was Jesus, and only then when he went through the act of breaking and blessing the bread. How many times did you walk with or by Jesus yesterday and not know it was him? Continue reading “Did You Know It Was Jesus?”

GREAT Friday!!!

Am I saying that this Good Friday is a super, fantastic, great day? Well, yes, in a very special way. It commemorates one of the greatest days in human history when Jesus Christ gave up his life for each one of us. Not for humanity as a whole, but for each one of us individually. And then 3 days later, on THE defining day in human history, Jesus rose from the dead. Great? Great is an understatement! Continue reading “GREAT Friday!!!”

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