I Miss My Mom

Nothing fancy about today’s post. I simply miss my mom. She died a year ago today.

My mom was slowly going downhill but actually in good health. A slight fall landed her in the hospital. A mild case of pneumonia kept her there for a week. Visits and conversations with family and friends long since dead landed her in rehab for a few weeks of observation before that fateful call early on October 22, 2012—”Your mom passed away quietly in her sleep.”

It was simply time for my mom to go. She never mentioned death and it was next to impossible to have any conversations with her about advanced planning. That’s why I believe God sent her family and friends to tell Gloria that it was time and that wait till you experience the next “real” life. The day I walked into her hospital room and as lucid as she could be telling me about all the friends who came to visit was a shocker—especially when I knew that all her friends had passed on years ago. Of course, I rushed to call her doctor and we ordered every battery of MRI, CT, lab, and psychological tests but they all came back negative. My mom was physically and emotionally fine even as the visits and conversations increased.

I now understand that her friends were very real. As crazy as it sounds, God sent an advance team to warm up my mom. Then, sometime in the early morning God came and took my mom’s hand. The official cause of death was listed as a cardiac event, even though she was totally at peace when the aide walked in her room to take her vitals. The real cause of death was it was time—God called her.

My mom is with my dad, her family and friends. I know she is with God for eternity. And I need to only look inside and feel my heart to find my mom.

If your mom is still around, give her a hug today for me. Thanks!

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