The Modern Day Job: Tim Tebow

Yes, I am fascinated by Tim Tebow. My wife and daughter say it is more like a bromance. There are four aspects of the Tim Tebow story that intrigue me so much.

First, Tim Tebow not only talks a good game of Christianity—like so many “so-called Christians—but he also walks it. See what he has done or talk to someone who knows him. He doesn’t wear his Christianity for show like so many do; he lives it.

Second, Tim Tebow’s football career has been defined by two words: doubt and success. Every step along the way, from Pop Warner to the NFL, people have doubted Tim Tebow’s ability, especially his ability to play quarterback. But every step along the journey he has won—at quarterback! The problem is he is not a “pretty” quarterback. Like his Christianity, he is more concerned about the end goal—winning—rather than looking the part.

Third, so many people literally hate Tim Tebow. They go out of their way to criticize him and his football prowess. Rather than go the other way, they go out of their way to say and write terrible, mean things about him. Why? Because he’s a winner. Because he makes people feel inadequate. Because he refuses to be defined by people; his concern is the Lord. People feel inferior to Tim Tebow.

Fourth, Tim Tebow is a modern day Job of sorts. He wants to play quarterback in the NFL but not one owner will give him the time of day. As quarterbacks all over the league have gone down, quarterbacks you have never heard of before, many with losing records, are being picked up. Why is Tim Tebow shunned? Some say that teams don’t want the media circus. Some say that Tim Tebow is not an NFL quarterback. I say Tim Tebow puts owners, general managers, and coaches on the spot. They are as uncomfortable as most of us are with him.

There’s a good Sports Illustrated story out on Tim Tebow ( that is worth the read.

The story of Tim Tebow is not over. Like each one of us, God is calling Tim Tebow. It may not be to play quarterback in the NFL but God is calling him. This is a story worth watching not just about Tim Tebow but about ourselves.