Relax and Let God Do the Driving

There are times, especially when things aren’t going well, when we tense up. We push too hard. We try to fit square pegs in our lives into round circles. We force. That’s the time to do the opposite. Relax. Sit back. Let go and let God into your life. Let God do the driving.

Some people rebel with the notion of letting God steer their lives. It’s too deterministic. Lacks free will. Feels like a puppet on strings with God pulling them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When you let go and let God in, first of all you are using free will to make a conscience decision. Then, you’re not inviting God to pull your strings, you’re simply asking God to show you the way. Life has many paths. Some are cluttered with stuff, others are circular—they go round and round but lead nowhere. God will simply get you on the clean, clear, straight path in life. If you just let him drive.

Life will always have twists and turns. Occasionally, we even veer off path and hit a dead end. We have to reverse course and get back on the straight path. That’s life on this earth. But if we relax and let God drive we actually find that we end up driving. We know the way; that special, unique path in life that each of us has and should be on.

How to do this practically with no “religious” mumbo-jumbo? Simply relax. Ask God to drive. No, I’m not kidding. Sit back and ask God to steer your life. It’s no more difficult than that. Once again, life should be so very simple. Don’t complicate this. Let go and let God in.

Relax. Let go. Don’t force. You may really like it!