What’s Your Path?

We all have our respective paths to travel. Some of us will make it to our desired destination, whether the Promised Land, World Series, chairman of the board or parent. Some of us will come up short. But all of us have a part to play in God’s mysterious master plan and should, as Ernie Banks has taught us, make the most of our journey along the way. Gary Graf, And God Said, ‘Play Ball!’ Continue reading “What’s Your Path?”

Relax and Let God Do the Driving

There are times, especially when things aren’t going well, when we tense up. We push too hard. We try to fit square pegs in our lives into round circles. We force. That’s the time to do the opposite. Relax. Sit back. Let go and let God into your life. Let God do the driving. Continue reading “Relax and Let God Do the Driving”

Retreat to God

I’m dropping out the next few days to retreat to God. Most people these days are retreating from God. That includes me who does his best on occasion to try and shut God out of his life. I take mini vacations from God. But he’s always there and tough to shake unless you really want to shut God out of your life. So, I’m trying to do the opposite—retreat to him.

I’m going to a place of “scared ground.” A place where I know I can shut the phone off and get off of the Internet. I’m not going to tweet or post a thing for the next few days. I’m going to try and shut the world out and let God into my life. Part of me wants to expect some earth-shattering revelation from God—a Moses-type event that changes my life forever. But I know that won’t happen. It’s in the quiet where we find God. And it’s in the quiet of our lives where life becomes clearer.

I don’t know what I’ll come back with but I’ll let you know.

Your Plans; God’s Direction

I love this proverb from the Bible…

The human mind plans the way, but the Lord directs the steps. Proverbs 16:9

God gives us free will; we are not puppets performing at the end of his strings. We plan, plot, and project our future but it is God navigating—at least when we let him. I know this sounds at odds—we plan but God directs. So, where is the free will in all that? Continue reading “Your Plans; God’s Direction”

Can’t Find God?

I write a lot about keeping God at the center of your life. My 1st Secret to Life is LISTEN, both for God and to God about what he is calling you to do with your life. But there are a lot of doubters out there saying, “I can’t hear God!” “In fact, I don’t even feel God in my life.” So, here are some thoughts, and two key verses, that I hope will not only help you find God in your life but to hear him calling you. Continue reading “Can’t Find God?”

What’s Your Life Purpose?

We all have a purpose in life. It’s a God-given purpose. No matter how seemingly insignificant or earth-moving the world may deem that purpose, God deems your purpose to be special and unique. You’re not a puppet on God’s strings fulfilling that purpose. You have total free will in living your life. But there’s a road for you that is one of a kind and untraveled. Continue reading “What’s Your Life Purpose?”

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