What’s Your Path?

We all have our respective paths to travel. Some of us will make it to our desired destination, whether the Promised Land, World Series, chairman of the board or parent. Some of us will come up short. But all of us have a part to play in God’s mysterious master plan and should, as Ernie Banks has taught us, make the most of our journey along the way. Gary Graf, And God Said, ‘Play Ball!’

We all have a path to travel. A special, unique, and individual path. Some may be alike, but no two are exactly the same. The right paths all lead back to our Creator. The wrong ones are dead ends. Do you know your path?

If you LISTEN for/to God you will find your path. I know that some struggle with the thought of actually LISTENing to God. But God is here and there—less than a heartbeat away. He made you; God is in you. He is always there if you simply open your mind, and heart, and take the time to LISTEN. That’s the 1st Secret to Life.

Enjoy the journey today! 

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