Retreat to God

I’m dropping out the next few days to retreat to God. Most people these days are retreating from God. That includes me who does his best on occasion to try and shut God out of his life. I take mini vacations from God. But he’s always there and tough to shake unless you really want to shut God out of your life. So, I’m trying to do the opposite—retreat to him.

I’m going to a place of “scared ground.” A place where I know I can shut the phone off and get off of the Internet. I’m not going to tweet or post a thing for the next few days. I’m going to try and shut the world out and let God into my life. Part of me wants to expect some earth-shattering revelation from God—a Moses-type event that changes my life forever. But I know that won’t happen. It’s in the quiet where we find God. And it’s in the quiet of our lives where life becomes clearer.

I don’t know what I’ll come back with but I’ll let you know.