Finding God in the Back of the Closet

We’re all looking for God. A lot of us just don’t know it. We either look for answers to life, happiness, peace, and fulfillment in all the wrong places or we actively look to God for all that but can’t find him. Try looking in the back of the closet or under the junk in your basement. I found God clearly there the past few days.

As I have written so many times you may be tiring of hearing but God means life to be so very, very (yes, very!) simple. We are the ones who complicate life. We accumulate a lot of useless thoughts, unused ideas, and outright junk in our minds as we grow past childhood. Like a closet brimming with stuff we lose sight of what’s really key in life–God!

I spent the past few days on a self-styled retreat at the Abbey of Regina Loudis just getting away from it all. I can’t remember the last time that I found myself not thinking about anything at all–no work, no Secrets to Life, no God. That’s exactly when I found God as clear as daylight. All the junk in the closet got cleared out and there was God–as clear as possible. I’m not talking about any big revelation, just simply God.

God is always there but we pile so much junk up in front of him that we lose sight. Dropping out is not always possible, but neither is finding time to clean the basement. We talk ourselves out of it. But clearing out the junk is critical to finding God in all his simplicity.

The trick for me after finishing this retreat will be to find the time and space for a mini-retreat each day. Just getting rid of all the thoughts in my head to focus clearly on God. If I forget how to do that, I’m going to empty a closet and start throwing out (or donating) to remember.

Finding God should be very simple because he is always there. We complicate it by piling junk in front and on him. Clear the junk out today and you’ll be amazed at how clear God is to you.

Have a great, uncluttered day!