Make Every Day a Thanksgiving Day!

Every day should be a day of thanks giving! Regardless of your circumstances, we all share a common bond of needing to give thanks. Jesus Christ walked among us to show us the way to eternity with God. He saved each one of us personally by cleaning the slate on our sins—past, present, and future. Every day when we fall or jump out of bed we should be on our knees giving thanks to God!

In the U.S. we barely bite into the turkey when the Christmas lights are gleaming and the carols blaring in the shopping malls. Black Friday gives way to Cyber Monday and our minds are bombarded with sales, steals, and must haves. It becomes the season of mass consumption of food and spirits. Somewhere, we might just find hints of God but He’s hard to find beneath all the “things” that take priority.

Don’t let God get buried in your life. Make Him a priority in your life and start with a simple “thanks!” Turn every day, at least a few times a day, into a day of thanksgiving. Let this be the season that Jesus gets born again in your life. Let His presence grown within you. Make the “presence” a priority over the “presents.”

Have a GREAT day and and even better week in giving thanks!