Crooked or Straight Path to God?

There are basically two paths on the road of life to God. One is straight, smooth, and flat. The other is crooked, rutted, and hilly. To a degree, we are all on a path not perfectly straight, smooth, or flat. We all face challenges on the path, and even veer off on dead ends on occasion. That’s life. But we have a big hand in choosing the path we take, and how difficult we make life in the process. 

And just in case you don’t know it, all of our paths are meant to lead back to God—our Creator. The problem is that many (most?) of us don’t realize that all roads eventually lead to God. Unless we choose not to end up with God.

I think this verse from Isaiah is under-appreciated and not as well known and contemplated as it should be for all of us. When you make an effort to clear your path of life—make it straighter, smoother, and flatter—I think that life just gets so much easier. You move closer to God and that is so very life changing.

Clear the way through the wilderness for the Lord! Make a straight highway through the wasteland for our God! Fill in the valleys, and level the mountains and hills. Straighten the curves, and smooth out the rough places. Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all people will see it together.
Isaiah 40:3-5

Where to begin repairing your path? Start by simplifying your life. Start throwing out all the “stuff” that you physically and mentally accumulate. Simply ask God for help. Give Him some time out of your busy day. Look at those areas of your life that need repair. Don’t be over-whelmed. Focus on fixing one thing, then move to another.  It’s easier than you think if you just give it a try—and some serious time!

Have a straight, smooth, and flat (or even downhill!) day!