Model Leader: Jesus Christ

A leader puts the cause, group, or organization above him/herself. A leader sacrifices their own needs, wants, interests to further those of others. There is no “I” in “leader” for the same reason there is no “I” in “team.” A true leader is totally selfless, not selfish. And there is no better role model of what a leader is than Jesus Christ. Continue reading “Model Leader: Jesus Christ”

Are You a Leader? Great Quote…

“For while skills are essential, what sets apart the true leader is the heart. The aspirations. The dreams. The definition of success and the passion that drives him forward.”

Richard D. Phillips, The Heart of an Executive: Lessons on Leadership from the Life of King David

Leadership starts with each one of us. We all need to step up and lead in our lives. Jesus shows us the way.

Have a great, blessed day!

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