What Do You Think Heaven is Like?

First, I know that heaven exists. How? Aside from our promise from God for eternal life, I have had too many brushes with heaven in my life. I have heard nurses, including my wife, talk about patients who have been there and back. Now, a great story from a neurosurgeon who describes in some detail, and from a scientific viewpoint, his brief experience in heaven…

Heaven Is Real: A Doctor’s Experience With the Afterlife

If you want the perspective about heaven from a child, check out www.heavenisforeal.com and the book, Heaven is for Real.

I don’t know about you but I don’t dwell on heaven and the life after this one. But I do take great comfort that there exists a “place” defined by love, with no strife at all. In my view of heaven there is no yesterday or tomorrow, just today. Where clocks and calendars don’t exist because eternity is all about living every second in the present. Where all live in love in the moment.

My 6th Secret to Life is to live this life knowing that it is only the opening act to eternity. What seems so real—and heaven so unreal—to most, is just a blip to eternity. Knowing there is an eternal heaven helps put this life in so much clearer perspective. It makes it happier, and makes us more fulfilled and peaceful, if we just believe.

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