Do You See God?

I know—sounds like another mumbo-jumbo out-there “religious” post. But I ask the question again, “Do you see God?”

Their eyes were kept from recognizing him. Luke 24:16

On the way to Emmaus two disciples were deep in discussion, in their own worlds and did not recognize Jesus when he walked up to them. That’s pretty ironic because what they were talking about was Jesus and the events surrounding the Crucifixion.

What was it that kept them from recognizing Jesus? Did he dye his hair? We certainly know he wasn’t wearing glasses 2000 years ago.

I think the same thing that kept the disciples from seeing Jesus in Jesus is what keeps us from seeing God—Father, Son, and Spirit—in every living person around us. We are so self-absorbed and into our own worlds that we can’t see past the surface in others to see God.

God is all around us. Every day. He created each one of us and is in each of us—woven into the fiber of our being. The problem is we rarely look past the surface of others. We are guided by outward appearance, not inward. It takes work to look through the surface to see God in everyone.

Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for the Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

Our answer to the question should be a resounding, “Yes—I see God everywhere in everyone!” But it takes work; an effort we don’t often make.

Today, try to see God in at least one person. Just one. You’ll be amazed at the result if you make the effort.

Have a great, God-filled day!

Author: reallifesecrets

There are 7 Secrets to Life — LIVE, READ, LOVE, FIGHT, BELIEVE, LIVE & PRAY. Live you life by them and you will find lasting happiness, peace, and fulfillment. Life was meant to be so simple. We are the ones who complicate it. God wants us to enjoy life to the fullest!