When Was the Last Time You Thanked Jesus?

Hopefully, you answered, “Just this morning!” Why? Because Jesus deserves our continuous thanks. All he did was live and die solely for us, take away all of mankind’s sins—past and future—and lead us to a better life.

I think that deserves more than a little thanks!

In fact, Jesus didn’t save a faceless “mankind.” He saved you and me individually. Jesus lived and died for each one of us. He is our personal Savior. If you really think about that for a minute it is mind-boggling. And the more you contemplate the enormity of that the more it should drive you to give thanks. Not just once a day or on occasion, but almost constantly.

We get so busy and into ourselves that we forget to step back and look at the big picture. Jesus is in each one of us guiding us to a better life now and to eternity. We get a free pass for every wrong we have and will commit, as long as we realize what we have done and ask forgiveness. The human side of us is filled with imperfection. Thankfully, the God side within us helps us fight past the imperfect.

Get in touch with your inner Jesus, first by thanking Jesus for all that he has done for you. Feel the enormity of what he has done and is doing in your life. You’ll experience a whole new perspective on life. Guaranteed. You just need to take the time, and open up your heart and mind.

Have a fantastic, Jesus-filled day and week ahead!

2 thoughts on “When Was the Last Time You Thanked Jesus?

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  2. I thank Jesus right now because I realize that though I may should retitle my blog, I see someone with the same name whose blog is something to cherish. Thank you for writing!

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