God Isn’t Done With Tim Tebow

OK, I love Tim Tebow! Let’s get that out of the way. It seems that people either love the guy, like me, or can’t stand him. But why?

The people who can’t stand the guy argue that he’s a terrible quarterback. In fact he isn’t a quarterback at all—he’s a tight end trying to be a quarterback. They get so passionate about it that there must be something else to it. After all, there have been a lot of quarterbacks out of college who have no business in the NFL.

I think what rubs some people the wrong way is how matter-of-fact Tim Tebow is about God. He thanks God all the time and very nonchalantly blurts out mid-sentence that Jesus Christ is his Savior. I think some people—maybe a lot of people—are disarmed by that. It makes them uncomfortable. If the truth be told, I am taken aback by it at times—and I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I say it all the time and write/tweet about it a lot.

Tim Tebow is a mirror for us. We may make the argument about the merits of him being a quarterback, but it is really about him as a person. We see ourselves reflecting off of him. Could we matter-of-factly talk about Jesus Christ to an international audience as easy as about talking football? Could we smile no matter what the pundits were saying about us and who was telling us we are not good enough?

God has a plan for Tim Tebow. A lot of people said he was washed up in the NFL. Whether he makes it in the NFL as a quarterback or tight end, God isn’t finished with Tim Tebow. Then again, God isn’t finished with you or me. He is calling us to our own special destiny in life. We each have a unique calling and purpose—we just have to LISTEN to for/to God to understand it. We may not have the visibility of a Tim Tebow but we all have our own stage. People are reflecting off of us all the time; whether we know it or not. We are mirrors to others.

We try so hard to separate “religion” from our lives. Football is  here and “religion” should be over there. The problem is that God is life. And everything we accomplish in life should be centered on God because he makes all things possible. In fact, all things we do—how we live our lives—should be through God who gives us purpose and strengthens us.

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

If the NFL allowed messages on player’s eye black, you’d see that under Tim Tebow’s eyes come the fall.

Take a moment today to LISTEN to/for God. He’s calling you just like he is calling Tim Tebow.