Are You Walking to Jesus?

There are 3 paths in life: Walking to Jesus, standing still, and walking away from Jesus. What path are you on? We all need to ask that question of ourselves on a regular basis.

Walking to Jesus is walking the path he walked on earth. It’s a walk in love. It’s being a leader, as Jesus was, in whatever capacity you lead—mother, CEO, deacon, etc. It’s a walk in humility, focusing on others and not yourself. You may veer off the path on occasion but you know the path and find your way back. There’s no magic walking to Jesus. If you focus on loving others it’s really tough to lose your way.

Too many of us get frozen in our tracks, knowing the way we should be walking but not moving, caught in our own self-interests. When that “focus on self” becomes all absorbing we start walking away from Jesus. Look around you and a lot of people are walking away from Jesus. I don’t say that judgmentally; it’s just obvious looking at all the rancor in the world.

Once again, I’m not talking religious mumbo-jumbo. I’m simply talking about how we choose to live our lives. When you’re walking to Jesus you know it—the world becomes brighter and your steps become lighter and easier.

Have a great week walking to Jesus!