Hold Your Hands Over Your Ears And Listen For/To God

How can you hear God when you put your hands over your ears? That’s exactly the message: You can’t possibly “hear” God if you don’t drown out all the background noise of this world. You need to stop, take a deep breath, cut out the background noise, and you will “hear” God in your life. Guaranteed.

The reason people don’t hear God is because they don’t really LISTEN, which is the 1st Real Secret to Life. Think about what real listening entails. You have to first want to hear. You then have to take the time to not only hear but absorb the message. You have to hold not only talking but thinking about what you are going to say next. Most importantly, true listening has to be about the other person, not about you.

Trust me—I know lives are busy. My life is most of the times crazy. I have to fit in work-work, as well as personal work, and my commitment to working out. Stopping the craziness is difficult. Taking the focus off of me and my life and placing it on God is often a challenge. I admit it. However, the only time I hear God is when I stop to really LISTEN. And listening not only for God but to God is absolutely the 1st Real Secret to Life for me.

Stop and LISTEN. Take the time, open your mind and heart, and you will hear God.

Have a FANTASTIC day!