What Does the Bible Answer?

Everything! And I mean EVERYTHING! Yes, as absurd as it may sound, every answer to every question you have about life will come out of reading the Bible. Look closer at what I just wrote. Every question you have about life is not necessarily in the Bible but will come out of you reading the Bible. The answers come from you! What?

I believe the Bible is our God-given handbook on life. It is God’s inspired Word given to us. The words in the Bible provide answers to/about life but the real answers come from you. That’s because the Bible is like a mirror with which you read, meditate, and reflect on your life. How the Bible talks about living and how you actually live your life provides so much opportunity for reflection and growth.

The wonder of the Bible is that it is for everyone; someone picking it up for the first time and the career Bible scholar. I liken the Bible to an onion, with layer after layer. You can keep peeling away the more you read and reflect.

The big picture of the Bible is really pretty simple. God creates us in his own likeness, we constantly rebel and turn away from our Creator, but then God sends His only Son to show us how to live (in love!) and dies for all our sins. Like a good presenter, God tells us what he is going to tell us (Old Testament), tells us (Gospels), and then tells us what he just told us (New Testament after the Gospels). Along the journey, there are so many life lessons and opportunities to reflect. It doesn’t matter that the Bible was written thousands of years ago. As much as life changes it doesn’t. We are all still humans inherently striving to be reunited with our Creator—we just don’t realize it!

Give the Bible a chance. I dusted off mine years ago, after a lifetime of neglect, and can’t live without it. I’m no angel—more like the world’s best sinner—but I keep coming back to the Bible for answers.

READ it! It’s a Real Secret to Life!