Don’t Think Prayer Works? You’re Not Praying.

Prayer works. It’s that simple. There is no magic to prayer. It’s just a conversation with God. He’s always there, listening and waiting to talk. You just have to be there, talking and listening. If you don’t think prayer works, you are just not giving it a chance. Period.

Let’s be clear—prayer is not like rubbing some magic lamp. You don’t get what you want. You get what God knows you need. So, if your definition of prayer is asking God to fix something wrong in your life, and being specific of how to fix it, that’s not praying. That’s wishful thinking, at best.

In order to experience prayer working in your life, a few things are necessary.

First, you need to spend time praying. The Bible is full of references to Jesus going away for the night to pray. You need to put some effort into praying.

Second, you need to open your mind while praying. Not just your ears but your entire mind. If your mind is closed to prayer to begin with expect the outcome to match your attitude.

Finally, you have to open your heart. “Talk” from the heart, and LISTEN from the heart. Your heart needs to do the “talking” to God—and the LISTENing.

Give prayer a real chance and it will work in your life. I guarantee it. But it requires a real chance. Not a half-hearted chance.

Pray yet today?