Hug a Loved One Today!!! (Don’t Put It Off!)

Imagine if a spouse or friend went out to the supermarket and never returned because they were in a freak car accident and died? Well, that reality hit home to a very close colleague and friend of mine this week. Her husband ran a simple errand, ended up in the hospital, and died shortly thereafter. Needless to say, my friend is beyond devastated.

These things happen. Life is so fragile that we take it for granted. So, don’t take anything for granted. Hug a loved one(s) today. Make every moment count. You never know when the light of life gets blown out.

It’s times like these when we ask God, “What gives???” “What’s the sense of a senseless accident that takes a loved one away.”

Our sense is not God’s sense. He doesn’t micro-manage the ebbs and flows of life. His is the big picture of life, an eternal life with Him. This life is just a momentary blip on the timeline of eternity. In fact, eternity is the absence of time as we know it. It just is.

I know this sounds like more religious “mumbo-jumbo” to rationalize why someone dies on the way back from running a simple errand. It’s not. It’s simply the belief that there’s a better, eternal life waiting for us. If you don’t believe in that then nothing in this life at all makes sense. Nothing!!!

Hug a loved one(s) today!!!

Testing Your Faith Like Job

Matt and Kellie, high school friends and then sweethearts after college, were married over five years ago in a special ceremony in the Colorado wilds. When Evan came along three years ago they didn’t stop enjoying the beauty of Colorado, but simply hooked him up for their hikes. So, it was beyond a shock when Kellie, in her early thirties, had a massive heart attack and died with Jess at her side. When something like this happens it tends to rattle the foundations of our faith. How can God, with all the marital strife in the world, and Hollywood stars changing partners faster than you can keep track, let this happen? Both parents are in shock, Jess lost his soulmate, and Evan lost the mother he will never really know. I have to run to Job for answers. Continue reading “Testing Your Faith Like Job”

Super Bowl, Death, and God

I love sports, especially football, but I can’t help shake my head at the past two weeks. The Super Bowl hype has been unrelenting and oppressive. I told my wife that it would be fitting if the game was a blowout. It was. And a really boring game to watch unless you’re a Seahawks’ fan. It takes death and God to put some perspective on this super mess. Continue reading “Super Bowl, Death, and God”

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